3 Images

I've been trawling through images and delving deep into my thoughts to find some visuals that represent my chosen words from our 3 categories of Perception/ Inspiration/ Atmosphere. It has been a good exercise as it has really made me consider Golder's Green and my views on the place and how I see it visually. Somehow I feel like I am a little harsh on Golder's Green with my opinion toward the place as an outsider.......

Perceptions - 'Jewish'
My first image is or a street in Hatton Garden, near Holborn in London. Hatton Garden is famous as London's gold and jewellery quarter. One of the most distinct communities in the Garden are the Jewish traders, who moved into the area in the 17th century. Hatton Garden is not a particularly flamboyant area considering the its main trade. Hatton Garden, London, image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hatton.garden.london.arp.jpg

Inspirations - 'Community'
I picked the word 'community' as this is what stand out from speaking to the people in Golders Green and observations. This image represents my idea of community, here is service sharing and exchange within Mount Pleasant Community Harare Zimbabwe.
Image taken from website:

Atmosphere - 'reserved and restricted'

Here is a black and white image of a catholic church in the ground of Maynooth College in Ireland. There is a seminary there where male seminarians train to become Catholic priests.
This church here is quite overpowering. I see the Catholic Church as reserved and restricted and old fashioned.
Image taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/el_floz/2931152895/