Whilst I played with colour, texture and impartial materials I also explored working on the body and using the body as the canvas for my unconscious creations.

I applied to these some of the ideas and techniques I had stumbled upon in my other experiments, this was both whimsical and helped in binding in weeks of seemingly arbitrary work into a cohesive whol


These nice pictures were taken by Sophia and I changed the colour, I think we did a good job for wetroom week :)

Following on from  workshop my context module has been informed by my interest in intuition.

Exploring how creation exists without and defined motives I have begun to explore.

No quantifying. No rationale
Just; explore.

here some pictures of the system-week
If we want do make something for the exhibition as a group, Sophia, Ya Ju and me had a nice idea: starting from the system-weeks project with throwing clay against the wall, we wanted to give other people the feeling of being free as well. So we wanted to arrange a wall in the exhibition place and hand out different materials like, colours, food, old stuff,... everything people always wanted to throw. At last every visitor can create his own T-Shirt. The Shirt will be pint on the wall and people can throw different paint on it. So, every garment is unique and can be acquired.

for my monday project I want to book the Filming room, tense white strings in the whole room and switch off the light. Just a UV lamp will be switched on, so the white strings are glowing. For my project I need some volunteers, which should be dressed in black (just the hands, feets and hips should be white) to see which parts of the body are in use while getting through the installation. Are they similar or different? It´s all about movement and getting into a strange situation, because there will be no direct light. I will document the whole process with a videocamera. Is someone interested?


Creating with no final product in mind, workshop for me was an experimental and fun way to work in 'process'.

I found a number of materials, but was drawn mostly to the fuses and bolts and simply played with structures with no set criteria in mind.

I was making without intent in the workshops whilst talking to Barry about Noetic science, I realized my process in the workshop was forming a paradox of consciousness. Whilst I was exhibiting intuition and inarticulate thought in my simply making in order to create, I was actually being led by the conscious desire not to 'make' anything.
My process in the workshops, has started to inform my context work, where I have been thinking that consciousness and the intuitive exist in a bound relationship, where it is only by our conscious understanding and acknowledgment that our intuition is heard.


Hi, to keep you in the loop (ha, no pun intended)
i have knitted the stats and turned them into a 3d representation with wood, i have then formed these steps into a waves to represent movement, if any body has any ideas on developments please let me know, i will bring it all to the meeting on monday, are we meeting before?



Wow, great idea girls. Ciara and me are prepairing a puppet show. Should be about contrast (different cultures) and movement. Story is in work at the moment...

Is it possible to meet all tomorrow or on friday to discuss the projects? So we can join them together.

many greetings, Co


Hi guys me and Sophia are doing the Contrast, we have came up with designing an outfit that is representing the opposite fashion in Goldersgreen since the main look and colours are black and gray there we have came up with white and some bright colours to use for the garment also we are making a hat to go with it, we will have the garment and hat ready by next Tuesday and we are thinking to shoot it afterwards and do some Photoshop work, with different prints on the dress that somehow shows the contrast between colours and the fashion in the area, this image is just a simple example to show from a gray area to a little bit happier area....


groups and general

Hi All,

I think the group work is a good idea but we need to all be together to decide how we will break it up. I like Yan Yu's and Corinas idea about the movie and animation. Our three main Headings/ Themes that we were considering were :

I have been gathering a few materials that contrast to each other. The next thing is to decide how these would be used. Did anyone else find some bits?
Re movement, there are endless ways to represent this. I think filming it would be a good way to record the movement. I like Sam's idea using the stitching.
I was considering to make some props that move and then record it on film. If the movement is recorded the mechanism to make the movement is not highly important.
About making a recording of us (the Group) dancing or doing some activity, we could do this on the 17th November, when we have Systems or this Thursday if you are available and if you are interested in this?
Tomorrow is 'workshop' for our group. Do you have specific ideas on what we could do as a group tomorrow?
Can we meet at 9.30am to get an early start?




Shall we just go off in our own direction and iff people have similar directions join together?
Or should we set up specific groups?
I think we should decide before monday otherwise we will waste half the day sorting it out.
I personally would like to create forms and structures based on the themes we picked last week. Perhaps somesort of film with or without the forms. Any ideas or anyone else interested? I can't even remember the 3 brief titles we had! (was sent to richmand to work on fri so couldnt get the "spider diagram" info. So sorry guys! Erm...maybe we should have a meeting as early as possible?

Over and out...

our things..

Should we all do our own things or join up with people like Co+Ya Ju are thinking of doing?
like the thing Ciara is doing we all take part in...we all do that.

We might produce a lot of different things that we could get better ideas from.



Movement video and animation

Hi guys, Ya Yu and me thought about makeing a movie and an animation about movements. It should show the differences about diverse moves in diverse situations - like in the city or in the countryside. Also the difference between humans and animals. What do you think?
hi, have been thinking about movement , was thinking if i knitted the stats ( stitches and rows to represent the figures) we would have weird shapes that we could unravel and film the stitches moving, that let me to think about how else we could show movement,
balloons to represent the figures, blown, or moved by water
chalk out feet and mark the figures by our movement, documented on film.
I am away on Monday, i can be in wednesday, (i have a meeting 2-4) but can come in early and stay late, Friday i can work from 4 onwards, and the weekend
let me know your thoughts


Sorry guys, I forgot to get the stuff out of the draws in Room 301 and write down all the words! (Stephen, only just looked at the ur blog post and it reminded me! whoops...)

Is anyone around tomorrow to get it, should just be in a draw in our MA room. If not il go in after work tomorrow and get it, let me know.

How about smashing things up? I know we dont need to link it to GG or Judaism but dont they smash a glass when they marry?

There is also the chinese torture method of the water drops on the head, surely that would work for other things, or perhaps use a chemical that drops onto something to deteriorate slowly.

We could use vibration or movement to destruct something like a tower made of flour?(unintentional rhyme)

OK night...
You can get grow your own boyfriends, christmas trees...the list goes on.


i dont get the boyfriend bit?.. is that about chris?


What about that stuff that you get in "grow your own boyfriend" kits?
You leave it overnight and it just gets bigger, then eventually its rots away. would be pretty cool..

So who would be up for friday if they can make it?



The fruit things sounds nice but it has been done...Before!..

Will you stick up the work in 308? we are trying to take it over.. subtly..and leave stuff there to make it more into a studio...I'll be in tomorrow too if you want to meet to stick it up...


Can't do Friday either, working 11-5. Good idea with the trip! Doubt everyone will be able to do the same day unless it is on monday so maybe we should go in two groups and we can discuss on a monday?

Stephen, I like the decay idea, makes me think of a bowl of rotting fruit when that is filmed a sped up (it's been done before, I know). Also, paint being stripped away.

We could knit some textures and then unravel it all whilst filming, then play it backwards, showing the creation of the forms?

Oh, il get the words we put down on the mind map tomorrow from our room and post on here so we can source objects/music/textures/materials/etc. to bring monday. Then we can get stuck in creating fings!

p.s, just realised i havn't got the stats, can i have them please x
Hi, i have also been thinking about movement, I was going to knit the stats, to create some kind of form, i thought we might be able to use it in some way??? not sure how?? but dont think we need to know how at this stage,
cant do friday as am teaching,
any thoughts let me know,
kind regards x



I was thinking of doing long time delayed video to show movement in certain areas a lot like those that we did in Golder's Green to show movement.. Starting with various locations and creating a longer piece of footage that is allows changing..

I was also considering Decay as a form of movement...like death. That we slowly move into death or sometimes suddenly. By creating some artificial decay scenario(?) in the workshop..

any thoughts?..

peace out


Well I am in central on Friday and will be free after about 1 if anyone wants to join me?

wait a minute..

No, I don't think i did... I like the day trip thing though..


maybe we should plan a group outing?

Stephen said as the head of this household that he'll provide snacks..

Movement, Contrast and Senses

Where will this one take us?.. let the journey begin!..

This was the guy I was talking about today, he intervened in a subtle way..

I can't find the rest of it.. Different person..

Oh if you havent gone to it.. Go to Seizure by Roger Something
Its close to elephant and castle tube and is up for the Turner prize.. Do It..

Vita, what was the exhibition you mentioned today?


Apologetic Thoughts

Sorry for my delay in posting all this.

Overall, I am sort of turning away from the Jewish Community as the focal point. I don't think it
is the over riding factor; it is the background. I suppose everything we have looked at has a contrast
with something that is in their own context; The Road v Cemetery, The Area v London and within the two locations there are complete contrasts. Busy Road at the station and then the run down end at North Circular and within the cemetery orthodox and the relaxed sides. Its the major contrasts that I
am siding with; the unease that they create and interest too.

It is really an unsettling place when you really consider it.

How to further it along?.. Stop Go Intervention

Brief History Findings

Interesting facts about the area at large

Watling Road built by The Romans passes Golder's Green to the West, from Cantebury to London, through Edgware and on North across the country. This would have divided the country later when Danelaw was enacted through the 11th Century as a border with battlements and border controls along the route. The route was a major highway.

Golder's Green was the main link between Hampstead Heath to the South and Hendon to the North, with waste to each side of the main route. This was land owned and rented by Landlords as pasture land or  tillage. The prices sored into the 18th Century and as a result animals were grazed on the road itself.

Real boom time came when the Tube Station was opened in 1907.

This land was only developed in the 20th Century to allow for the expanding population.
An Example towards North Circular.

Classic Opinion:
In a 'Derek and Clive' dialogue with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook claimed to have absent-mindedly 'slaughtered about 18,000' residents of Golders Green after watching a documentary about Hitler, ascribing this to the insidious influence of television.


Closed and Insular


5 Words

Past it


Ponderous (Cemetry)
Stop & Go

findings to my questions

Why have Jews been disliked and persecuted?

Notes on usury, the charging of interest on loans, “the term is largely derived from abrahamic religious principles”

Forbidden by Christians, Jews were allowed to charge interest on monies lent to non-Jews

“The Torah regulates interest taking, one understanding is that Israelites were forbidden to charge interest on loans made to other Israelites, but allowed to charge interest on transactions with lesser non-Israelites”

The first Jewish families of significance were recorded as landing in England with William the conqueror, Jews were declared to be direct subjects of the king.
Jews filled the monetary void that was created by the church “forbidding the lending of money for profit”
“Peasants were forced to pay their taxes to the Jews, who were coerced to become the front men for the lords”
As a result the Jews became incredibly unpopular with both the church and the public

Jews in England

1218, England became the first state requiring Jews to wear a marking badge

1275 the ‘Statute of Jewry” outlawed usury (among other stipulations) and gave Jews 15 years to adjust (change professions) this was incredibly difficult as tradesmen belonged to guilds and they forbade members who were not Christian.
1287 Edward expelled all Jews, making any debts owed void
1655 formal return of Jews to England, (Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain and Portugal in 1492/1497 and found refuge in England, Cromwell needed their financial assistance so they were allowed to stay)

1745 Jacobite Rising, Jews had shown loyalty to the government, the chief financier Sampson Gideon had strengthened the stock market, and younger members had defended London.

1753 Jewish Naturalization act, allowed Jews to be naturalized, faced very strong opposition and was repealed however left a legacy of religious toleration

Sampson Gideon determined to bring up his children as Christians and many important families followed suit, breaking their connections with the synagogues and integrating into the community.

Why Did the Jews settle in London?

Sephardic Jews, follow Rabbinical /authorities, from Spain, Portugal, returned to England in the Middle Ages when they were expelled from France. Set up communities in London as the centre of international commerce

Ashkenazi, 92% of the worlds Jews German and Polish Jews. Migrated to Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Eastern Europe Settled in the south and southwest, seaport towns.
No clear definition, but one is that if your great grandmother was Jewish (i.e. 3 generations on the female side of your family)
I have been doing some research into the history of jews as i had some questions that needed answering,
1, why have jews been persecuted?
2, when and why did the Jews settle in England?
3, why London ?
from my findings it has led me to question my take on Golders green, we have all noticed that it is a bit grey and dreary, as a culture Jews have a lot of reasons to not show off and display any trappings of wealth, I think we may have missed this. As a non Jew it is of course very hard to try and get into the mind of the Jewish community, but we will need to be aware of this when designing.


Restlessness - as a symbol I picked a clock. This item should stand for our very stressful life, nobody has time, everything is busy.

For me, a place full of deep of thoughts is the cemetery, there you have time to commemorate your dear departed, think about life and death and the meaning of being.

I had chosen the "coincidentia oppositorum", which means that opposites can be joined in one thing. So, for me the rose is the best example: it combines beauty and pain, can be used as a presents for your true love or to say goodby at a funeral.