Brief History Findings

Interesting facts about the area at large

Watling Road built by The Romans passes Golder's Green to the West, from Cantebury to London, through Edgware and on North across the country. This would have divided the country later when Danelaw was enacted through the 11th Century as a border with battlements and border controls along the route. The route was a major highway.

Golder's Green was the main link between Hampstead Heath to the South and Hendon to the North, with waste to each side of the main route. This was land owned and rented by Landlords as pasture land or  tillage. The prices sored into the 18th Century and as a result animals were grazed on the road itself.

Real boom time came when the Tube Station was opened in 1907.

This land was only developed in the 20th Century to allow for the expanding population.
An Example towards North Circular.

Classic Opinion:
In a 'Derek and Clive' dialogue with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook claimed to have absent-mindedly 'slaughtered about 18,000' residents of Golders Green after watching a documentary about Hitler, ascribing this to the insidious influence of television.