An Extra 24 Hours

An Extra 24 Hours

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Sam, Stephen and Helen


Piece of yourself: An analogue experiment of self.
(Begrudgingly put here digitally)


Flyer 1 x 24 = 1

1 x 24 = 1

1 x 24 = 1

24 people coming together and create a collaborative performance piece out of 24 joined T-Shirts, using the material textile as a medium of capturing expressions in a physical and visibel way. They will instigating each person’s creative expression and will be as unique as each hour of a day. The piece will be created into three separate stages. These will coincide on the same day.

A fully sealed enclosure will be constructed out of polycarbonate, where the piece will be created within. The participants will be asked to enter the space where a combination of paint and various materials such as sponges, balloons, papier-mâché, clay and much more will be available for them to choose from. Inside the space the 24 t-shirts will be joined together, forming a giant canvas, which will function as a target to express their creativity. Moreover, pictures will be taken sporadically during the event, creating a movie of process, which will show the gradual change of the art/performance piece.

When this stage is completed, the “canvas” will be exhibited within the enclosure on display during the happening as a huge collective art/performance piece.

At the last stage the art piece will be separated in 24 unique pieces and worn by the people who created them. It is the visible and physical outcome after a day of individual expressions coming together, affecting each other in a moment of shared experience.



Stephen, Helen and myself are developing some pieces/artworks inspired by the responses received from the question 'what would you do with an extra 24 hours' we have a venue in which we plan to exhibit on the 25th of January from 7-10p.m. I was wondering did anybody photograph the maps that we made with the stats in the beginning, also we filmed the coloured liquid running through the knitted tube, do we still have that footage?
Thank you, kind regards


Brief 'The Happening'

PROCESS – Stacey Grant & Vita Woods

title: piece of yourself

“The Happening”

Our Collaborative:

We have decided to collaborate together as we share many themes regarding memory and perception. Who we are as individuals and how this affects our understanding of the world around us fascinates our practice. Therefore it makes sense to build on what are the core of our creative values.

Although most of our practice is communicated digitally we both are interested in the comfort of analogue. Whilst as thinkers we enjoy the permanence of the tangibility that film/cassette/vinyl/ink/paper/fabric provides.

Concept & method:

Our proposed concept is to create a small chamber or booth into which people will be invited. There we shall record there interactions throughout their day and their physical identity. Perhaps there will be a Polaroid, a question posed, a finger print, their height, a lock of hair. They will be able to give as much or as little as they like and labels will provided. Throughout the day they are invited to return at regular intervals to update their data.

People may leave notes via communication cards to each other.

At different times questions and provocations will be posed. We will document using photography/sound recording/film. We will take minutes of the day.


The richness of the journey will be the main concern in terms of outcomes. We are hoping to communicate via handwritten letter, and the postal system avoiding all forms of digital communication where possible. We are open to the various happenings of the day. A publication or physical manifestation would be desirable as well as documentary film and stills for posterity and archiving.

We began the process module with observation which we both felt ignited our interest in social anthropology,individuals and the human condition. We return to this methodology informed by the past few months work and hope to create an intervention to which the public can willingly participate or ignore.
explanation - one possible idea of the happening:

During the system-week, a lot of different feelings awoke inside us, like total confusion, stress, curiosity, anger, joy; and we tried to give them all a form, looked for a way to express them. As a stage, we used a white wall, which we transformed into a picture of our emotions, like capturing moments of sense. The source material was clay, later we tried different colours and food, depending on the daily mood.

We used the movement of throwing, because there are many different meanings connected in this move. The strongest emotion is anger (if you smash something against a person), or if a wedding is celebrating, rice will be thrown, to wish the best of luck to the newlyweds, or if you are playing a team sport, a ball will be bandied, which encourages the common bond.
Starting point of our work was the process of analysing the area of Golders Green. The district seemed to be a place full of hidden feelings. The Jewish community is very strong, but they keep just to themselves.

So we see ourselfs as collectors of emotions, giving people the opportunity to show their feelings to an audience and let them float into an unique artwork; during a time, where a pokerface ist the best way to manage the day.


Some responses from friends:

Alex Perryman 07 January at 15:39
At the moment if I could get an extra 24 hours in the reality bank I would probably pack a lot of sleep in there. Listen to French lessons, and read as much of the two books I'm reading at the moment

Ai Ono 07 January at 16:14
If I had extra 24 hours and some extra cash to spend, I will get on a train to Russia or somewhere far and see how long I can get within 24 hours. If I can't spend any money then, I would go walking on a frozen lake or try ice skating. Then have a long bath and go to bed I think. But if I was in Japan right now, I would just stuff myself with nice Japanese food! It's just freezing in Finland...

Emma Lamarque 07 January at 17:35
I would spend the 24 hours with my 3 best friends because I don't get to see thme very much.We would have a picnic in the woods, watch girlie films and drink wine, chat until the early hours of the morning about everything and nothing, laugh so hard we cry and not worry about money or work or anything.

Jodie L 07 January at 17:36
Probably sleep more as the other 24hours I would obviously spend more productively at work ect.

Paul Bayley 07 January at 17:52
I think i would do as many of the things I always say I would do but never get round to doing

Charlie Verity Harrison 07 January at 17:59
cant get my head round that one! Isn’t an extra 24 hours just the next day if you consider that time exists. If you consider that it does not exist and that we are living in many realities at any one point then what do i think i would i like to be doing in that reality? flying, loving and not thinking!

Amy Smallwood 07 January at 18:10
probably treat myself to a lie in, then go shopping and just chill out a bit! relax

Natalie Blair 07 January at 18:22
I would sleep and probably be as sad to catch up with uni work!

Rebekah Tapner 07 January at 18:25
Id stay in all day and watch old movies

Francesca Hopwood 08 January at 19:52
i think if i had an extra 24 hours i would simply snuggle up somewhere and read a good book, thats probably with the snowy whether on my mind... although if it were sunny i would probably do the exact same thing... except in a park eating ice-cream. i would also paint my nails for i find i never seem to have enough time, as well as indulging in a good home cooked meal, oh and i would also bake to my hearts content.

Molly Young 09 January at 20:19
i would use the 24 hours to do the presentation prep that i should have done 24hours ago...

Matthew Wood 08 January at 14:37
I would grab some beers and other stuff and go down to the coast for a nice long fishing session.

Joanna Woods 10 January at 12:13
With 24 hours you can travel far hey... so go thats what id do! See something new

Charlie Scaplehorn 08 January at 18:50 If I had an extra 24 hours, I'd probably try and watch all the movies I've never had time to before, definitely squeeze in a star wars marathon, geek it up real good

Amy Bridges 10 January at 13:00
take back 24 A level history lessons

Ya Ju Tsai 07 January at 21:51
Eat more definitely :P and everything will be the same just much more longer !

James McAll 07 January at 21:53
Give people really heavy shoes so they cant move very fast.

Jamie White 10 January at 15:53
go fishing

Hrh Matt Spencer 10 January at 17:39
I would relax or meet up with friends



I met with Paul today, I really like his idea for the happening, and am planning to start work on making a 'small top'(if we get the go ahead from Amanda). I am also using the quotes to design some pieces (knitted) as I think this could be photographed and add a design element later (perhaps in the form of a website, book)What are everbody elses thoughts??? Helen, the card idea, Ticket idea fits in well with how Paul suggested incorporating the quotes.Steven, I don't imagine this interpretation to be cheesey at all, I am suggesting that the tent is made from calico, not using colour, the fortune teller could be recorded and played through a monitor of sorts, with audio. I think the project is do-able in the time frame and that the results could be great.