explanation - one possible idea of the happening:

During the system-week, a lot of different feelings awoke inside us, like total confusion, stress, curiosity, anger, joy; and we tried to give them all a form, looked for a way to express them. As a stage, we used a white wall, which we transformed into a picture of our emotions, like capturing moments of sense. The source material was clay, later we tried different colours and food, depending on the daily mood.

We used the movement of throwing, because there are many different meanings connected in this move. The strongest emotion is anger (if you smash something against a person), or if a wedding is celebrating, rice will be thrown, to wish the best of luck to the newlyweds, or if you are playing a team sport, a ball will be bandied, which encourages the common bond.
Starting point of our work was the process of analysing the area of Golders Green. The district seemed to be a place full of hidden feelings. The Jewish community is very strong, but they keep just to themselves.

So we see ourselfs as collectors of emotions, giving people the opportunity to show their feelings to an audience and let them float into an unique artwork; during a time, where a pokerface ist the best way to manage the day.