Brief 'The Happening'

PROCESS – Stacey Grant & Vita Woods

title: piece of yourself

“The Happening”

Our Collaborative:

We have decided to collaborate together as we share many themes regarding memory and perception. Who we are as individuals and how this affects our understanding of the world around us fascinates our practice. Therefore it makes sense to build on what are the core of our creative values.

Although most of our practice is communicated digitally we both are interested in the comfort of analogue. Whilst as thinkers we enjoy the permanence of the tangibility that film/cassette/vinyl/ink/paper/fabric provides.

Concept & method:

Our proposed concept is to create a small chamber or booth into which people will be invited. There we shall record there interactions throughout their day and their physical identity. Perhaps there will be a Polaroid, a question posed, a finger print, their height, a lock of hair. They will be able to give as much or as little as they like and labels will provided. Throughout the day they are invited to return at regular intervals to update their data.

People may leave notes via communication cards to each other.

At different times questions and provocations will be posed. We will document using photography/sound recording/film. We will take minutes of the day.


The richness of the journey will be the main concern in terms of outcomes. We are hoping to communicate via handwritten letter, and the postal system avoiding all forms of digital communication where possible. We are open to the various happenings of the day. A publication or physical manifestation would be desirable as well as documentary film and stills for posterity and archiving.

We began the process module with observation which we both felt ignited our interest in social anthropology,individuals and the human condition. We return to this methodology informed by the past few months work and hope to create an intervention to which the public can willingly participate or ignore.