24 hours

So ,reply's have started to come in to my posed question, what would you do with an extra 24 hours?

Heavily pregnant young woman replied,
"I would throw a 24 hour party people for loved ones, rave on!"

New mother with 4 month old baby replied "If i had an extra 24 hours....I would have a massage, then a long hot bath with loads of relaxing stuff in it, and then sleep.... something I have had none of since **** arrived!! When am i getting this extra 24 hours? "

Mother of a 6 and 2 year old "I would have a leisurely bath (in peace), read the papers in a little coffee shop with a latte and a croissant, trawl around the antique shops, go for a lovely walk in the countryside, then put my feet up and start reading all those books that i have been meaning to read"

40 year old father of 2 "* says she would take twice as long to do all the things she would normally do. i would indulge myself with stuff i don't normally get a chance too... lay in, porn, listen to my guiltiest pleasures , watch Ali videos, do drugs I am normally too guilty to do.... .Smoke in the house, drive as fast as I could, that sort of thing, actually I might start now"

parents of 4 "* would go fishing, * would get a job and earn money"

Mid 30's female professional "I I had an extra 24 hours I would get up, have a full english followed by croissants and real coffee. I would then sort out all my photos into date and category, then add to photo albums. That would probably take the full 24 hours although if it didn't, I would get my hair cut, as am desperate and just can't find the time

recurring themes already, mainly coffee and baths.......


Hi, good news my jury service is from the 8th of Feb, so wont effect the project,
happy new year,


unbelievably,,,,,,,,,I have been called in for jury service starting in the 8th of Jan for two weeks, I have emailed amanda requesting what to do, if i have to pull out of the project I am happy for you to run with any of the ideas, I will keep you posted,
Happy christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Response to Sam

i think they are all good ideas.. the extra one also being my favourite..

i would agree with the smaller groups thing too

Exhibition Ideas

Hi all,
I have some first thoughts for the exhibition, I am really into the idea of the audience becoming the exhibition, so that they are actively involved.The exhibition could be documented in some way, and this document could be sold to raise funds.
I am wondering if we might want to break into smaller groups, ??
Taking the idea of scale,
make smaller or larger objects that the audience could interact with, i.e, large or tiny knitting needles, this could be documented through film.
Movement,invitations to be sent to the audience, the flyer's would have maps on the back the audience bring the flyer's for entrance with their journey to the event marked on the map, this then becomes part of the exhibition. either through display, projection ??
24 photos taken every hour for 24 hours, taking place in and around an area, the photos to be displayed by projection at the event, obviously as time goes on, the amount of photos to be shown will increase, the audience will be photographed and become part of the exhibition.the photos to be collaged into a document after the event and sold.
an extra 24 hours
(my favorite) Pose the question, 'what would you do with an extra 24 hours' ask a variety of participants, all ages and backgrounds to reply by letter, email, and supply a photo, 24 responses to be selected and displayed for 24hours. The audience could also respond and this could become part of a publication, perhaps 24 different versions dependant on how many responses.


Hi, sorry I couldn't make mondays meeting, could you please fill me in ?????, I understand that we need to present in Jan, any ideas? I am in on Thursday and Friday if anybody is avout to discuss,


My current project for Context is about discovering and exploring yourself in a mirror.

It will be a project about individual behaviour, like how u feel, starring at yourself in the morning after a sleepless night, or using a shop window to have a quick check to feel more comfortable in public. A mirror always shows the truth, I wanna go a step further, showing people the effects of a bad lifestyle, by aging their face.

The incentive to do this project I got from the Area of Golders Green, which is a place full of hidden secrets, contrast and thoughts of evanescence. As well as the fascination about a second mirror-inverted world, full of magic and superstition, which made me choose this concept.

More Updates

Latex Mould


Simple Two Part Spoon Mould and Wax Spoon
Moulded Wax Knife

Heat Gun Melted Paraffin Wax Pellets with Pigment


Sensing life

My group worked upon the experience of the cockroach as it may navigate its way around the room, asking the viewer to use senses beyond immediate sight . We hoisted our experience tunnel to head level which was both disorientating to the users but also removed the sense of security found when crawling blindfolded. 
We wanted to explore how we might 'sense' our way through the world, something which is a strong theme in my own context work. I am very interested in how we perceive our environments, both built and emotional, and also how our views are created and shaped through innate and cognitive theory.

I am looking  into memory and perception and I find that there is a crossover here, as we were asking the viewer to go against everything that is learned in "seeing" and as a result the experience was multi faceted. Whilst the experience was new, it relied upon the construction of themselves as individuals, and the memories which have shaped them, in order to process and understand the experience, or in many ways be able to experience the things which they were exposed to. 



/Users/mac/Desktop/m.a/Mini brief.docMini brief,

Following on from observation,
Looking at methods to show movement, the starting point being the statistics taken from the observation day at Golders green.
Linking to an exploration of the knitted stitch.
Using the structure of the knitted stitch to manipulate materials into a continuous structure developing the idea of movement. Develop a series of developmental structures using a variety of materials.
Using this mini brief to familiarise myself with the qualities and limitations/capabilities of various materials.
Familiarise myself with the workshop environment and the facilities available.

Contrasting materials
Following on from developments in the workshop
Using a variety of materials to explore how the nature of materials can be changed. Develop a series of experimental structures (loosely based on the structure formed by a knitted stitch) taking into account the natural qualities,
i.e, yarn which is soft, and then coat, encase, mould to create a new quality to the material.
Being open to see how the developments could be used to create a design solution.


Response to Sam

Hey Sam,

I will think about if for you...I'm not too sure.

I'm taking from our "gigantic dress up thingy" that to bring that
into my castings. Almost in a child like way, how a child interacts
with large objects but still can. Not in a comical way that is stupid
but just in the extreme part of the anthropomorphic scale; extreme

If that makes sense.

EG a spoon that is still usable but is just a slightly bit larger.

Peace Out

Mini Brief Images


Mini Briefs

Brief 1:
1.     Thermodynamics.
a.     (on a macroscopic scale) a function of thermodynamic variables, as temperature, pressure, or composition, that is a measure of the energy that is not available for work during a thermodynamic process. A closed system evolves toward a state of maximum entropy.
b.     (in statistical mechanics) a measure of the randomness of the microscopic constituents of a thermodynamic system. Symbol: S
2.     (in data transmission and information theory) a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message.
3.     (in cosmology) a hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximum homogeneity in which all matter is at a uniform temperature (heat death).
4.     a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.

Explore the uncertainty within a manufacturing process.

As a controlled event occurs, the amassed uncertainty should be lessened by the understanding of the process and thus producing a more successful result. When this uncertainty is allowed to control the event the results will produce wide and varying forms.

Explore the possibility of producing one off pieces in manner that creates individual forms and allows the process to dictate form.

Brief 2:
Create a greater understanding of casting.

Casting is a process that is thousands of years old. It is a process used for many materials and new techniques have been developed alongside these materials.

Plastic Resins, Metals, Plaster and Concrete can all be cast to create forms with both function and aesthetics at their core. The process as a whole can create a better understanding for materials and their own constituents
Explore the possibility of producing one off pieces in manner that creates individual forms and allows the process to dictate form.

Through working with various methods and materials develop a greater understanding of casting and the benefits to be found from using it.

SOME Images





Short Short

Bird Cloud Movement

Short Short

Planes There are more to come but they take ages to export!


Our Cockroachgroup focused on the Oriental Cockroach, because it is the only cockroach, which carries her eggs (between 16 and 18) in a case for 30 hours. It has a very protected surface. So, we created the concept of the "Super Mom".

In our scenario the mankind will die because an atomic war and the cockroaches become bigger and superintelligent. So, the female cockroach creates a more comfortable and more protective bag for her eggs. She will just use two arms for going shopping or fighting against enemies. The other 4 arms are busy with the eggs. If she is tired, she can sit inside the bag, so it´s also a protection place for her.
Hi All,
unfortunately i didn't take any photos from the cockroach day,( although Ciara did so i am sure that they will be posted) Stephen I know you saw it, but for the others, we approached the project by picking a quality of the cockroach that we were interested in,
in this case it was vision,as seen through a compound eye. We showed this visually by creating a series of filters that could be worn. For our presentation we filmed through the camcorder using the filters and projected this image into a 'cockroach den' that we had built. The viewer was invited to enter the den, watch the projection and then interact with the experience by wearing the filters, listen to white-noise and try to navigate the den. The feedback that we received was that the experience was disorientating, and the participants seemed to enjoy the interaction.
I was wondering if any of you have had any thoughts of how we can use the experience of this day to inform our mini briefs, could it be in the form of presentation? or the ability to create things with low-tec materials ? for me, I rally enjoyed exploring an idea and presenting it fully in a variety of ways.


It's a really hard day, but finally have done a work !