Exhibition Ideas

Hi all,
I have some first thoughts for the exhibition, I am really into the idea of the audience becoming the exhibition, so that they are actively involved.The exhibition could be documented in some way, and this document could be sold to raise funds.
I am wondering if we might want to break into smaller groups, ??
Taking the idea of scale,
make smaller or larger objects that the audience could interact with, i.e, large or tiny knitting needles, this could be documented through film.
Movement,invitations to be sent to the audience, the flyer's would have maps on the back the audience bring the flyer's for entrance with their journey to the event marked on the map, this then becomes part of the exhibition. either through display, projection ??
24 photos taken every hour for 24 hours, taking place in and around an area, the photos to be displayed by projection at the event, obviously as time goes on, the amount of photos to be shown will increase, the audience will be photographed and become part of the exhibition.the photos to be collaged into a document after the event and sold.
an extra 24 hours
(my favorite) Pose the question, 'what would you do with an extra 24 hours' ask a variety of participants, all ages and backgrounds to reply by letter, email, and supply a photo, 24 responses to be selected and displayed for 24hours. The audience could also respond and this could become part of a publication, perhaps 24 different versions dependant on how many responses.