/Users/mac/Desktop/m.a/Mini brief.docMini brief,

Following on from observation,
Looking at methods to show movement, the starting point being the statistics taken from the observation day at Golders green.
Linking to an exploration of the knitted stitch.
Using the structure of the knitted stitch to manipulate materials into a continuous structure developing the idea of movement. Develop a series of developmental structures using a variety of materials.
Using this mini brief to familiarise myself with the qualities and limitations/capabilities of various materials.
Familiarise myself with the workshop environment and the facilities available.

Contrasting materials
Following on from developments in the workshop
Using a variety of materials to explore how the nature of materials can be changed. Develop a series of experimental structures (loosely based on the structure formed by a knitted stitch) taking into account the natural qualities,
i.e, yarn which is soft, and then coat, encase, mould to create a new quality to the material.
Being open to see how the developments could be used to create a design solution.