Sensing life

My group worked upon the experience of the cockroach as it may navigate its way around the room, asking the viewer to use senses beyond immediate sight . We hoisted our experience tunnel to head level which was both disorientating to the users but also removed the sense of security found when crawling blindfolded. 
We wanted to explore how we might 'sense' our way through the world, something which is a strong theme in my own context work. I am very interested in how we perceive our environments, both built and emotional, and also how our views are created and shaped through innate and cognitive theory.

I am looking  into memory and perception and I find that there is a crossover here, as we were asking the viewer to go against everything that is learned in "seeing" and as a result the experience was multi faceted. Whilst the experience was new, it relied upon the construction of themselves as individuals, and the memories which have shaped them, in order to process and understand the experience, or in many ways be able to experience the things which they were exposed to.