Hi All,
unfortunately i didn't take any photos from the cockroach day,( although Ciara did so i am sure that they will be posted) Stephen I know you saw it, but for the others, we approached the project by picking a quality of the cockroach that we were interested in,
in this case it was vision,as seen through a compound eye. We showed this visually by creating a series of filters that could be worn. For our presentation we filmed through the camcorder using the filters and projected this image into a 'cockroach den' that we had built. The viewer was invited to enter the den, watch the projection and then interact with the experience by wearing the filters, listen to white-noise and try to navigate the den. The feedback that we received was that the experience was disorientating, and the participants seemed to enjoy the interaction.
I was wondering if any of you have had any thoughts of how we can use the experience of this day to inform our mini briefs, could it be in the form of presentation? or the ability to create things with low-tec materials ? for me, I rally enjoyed exploring an idea and presenting it fully in a variety of ways.