24 hours

So ,reply's have started to come in to my posed question, what would you do with an extra 24 hours?

Heavily pregnant young woman replied,
"I would throw a 24 hour party people for loved ones, rave on!"

New mother with 4 month old baby replied "If i had an extra 24 hours....I would have a massage, then a long hot bath with loads of relaxing stuff in it, and then sleep.... something I have had none of since **** arrived!! When am i getting this extra 24 hours? "

Mother of a 6 and 2 year old "I would have a leisurely bath (in peace), read the papers in a little coffee shop with a latte and a croissant, trawl around the antique shops, go for a lovely walk in the countryside, then put my feet up and start reading all those books that i have been meaning to read"

40 year old father of 2 "* says she would take twice as long to do all the things she would normally do. i would indulge myself with stuff i don't normally get a chance too... lay in, porn, listen to my guiltiest pleasures , watch Ali videos, do drugs I am normally too guilty to do.... .Smoke in the house, drive as fast as I could, that sort of thing, actually I might start now"

parents of 4 "* would go fishing, * would get a job and earn money"

Mid 30's female professional "I I had an extra 24 hours I would get up, have a full english followed by croissants and real coffee. I would then sort out all my photos into date and category, then add to photo albums. That would probably take the full 24 hours although if it didn't, I would get my hair cut, as am desperate and just can't find the time

recurring themes already, mainly coffee and baths.......