1 x 24 = 1

24 people coming together and create a collaborative performance piece out of 24 joined T-Shirts, using the material textile as a medium of capturing expressions in a physical and visibel way. They will instigating each person’s creative expression and will be as unique as each hour of a day. The piece will be created into three separate stages. These will coincide on the same day.

A fully sealed enclosure will be constructed out of polycarbonate, where the piece will be created within. The participants will be asked to enter the space where a combination of paint and various materials such as sponges, balloons, papier-mâché, clay and much more will be available for them to choose from. Inside the space the 24 t-shirts will be joined together, forming a giant canvas, which will function as a target to express their creativity. Moreover, pictures will be taken sporadically during the event, creating a movie of process, which will show the gradual change of the art/performance piece.

When this stage is completed, the “canvas” will be exhibited within the enclosure on display during the happening as a huge collective art/performance piece.

At the last stage the art piece will be separated in 24 unique pieces and worn by the people who created them. It is the visible and physical outcome after a day of individual expressions coming together, affecting each other in a moment of shared experience.