groups and general

Hi All,

I think the group work is a good idea but we need to all be together to decide how we will break it up. I like Yan Yu's and Corinas idea about the movie and animation. Our three main Headings/ Themes that we were considering were :

I have been gathering a few materials that contrast to each other. The next thing is to decide how these would be used. Did anyone else find some bits?
Re movement, there are endless ways to represent this. I think filming it would be a good way to record the movement. I like Sam's idea using the stitching.
I was considering to make some props that move and then record it on film. If the movement is recorded the mechanism to make the movement is not highly important.
About making a recording of us (the Group) dancing or doing some activity, we could do this on the 17th November, when we have Systems or this Thursday if you are available and if you are interested in this?
Tomorrow is 'workshop' for our group. Do you have specific ideas on what we could do as a group tomorrow?
Can we meet at 9.30am to get an early start?