Jewish symbols

Benedictive hands: point to descendants of a priest (hebr. Kohen)

Mug or pot: indicates that a Levit, a servant of temple, is buried there

Horn of a ram (hebr. Schofar): means that the decedent had blew the horn at High Holy Days in the synagogue

A knife: characterise the decedent as a "Mohel", which occupies an office as a circumcisor

Board of prayers: shows, that the decedent lived a Thora-faithful-life

An open book: stands for wisdom and knowledge

Kinked roses: stand for a child-tomb

Menorah, the seven-branched candelabrum stands for the eternal light

Crown: one of the oldest Jewish symbols; stand for glory, honour and joy

2 lowered torches: a symbol for death

Magen David: it is a talisman against bad spirits

A tree: is a symbol for the connection between earth and heaven

Olive branch: stands for benediction, mercy, wisdom and trust in God

Bay leaf and palm branch: as a plant, stands for immortality, victory, honour and piece

Ivy: is a symbol for eternal life, loyalty and friendship

Wreath and circle: a symbol for entity and perfection